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  • For everyone looking to “flatten their tummy” or “tone their core”….
  • For everyone who has had “great results elsewhere but their abs aren’t showing up”….

Let’s get real about what we are actually trying to achieve.Do you REALLY MEAN that you want a midsection that looks like one of the ladies in my crafty collage here?BTW – these 8 women are all photographed on the top step of the podium at the 2019 ICN QLD Titles. They are ALL winners, on the same day.Melwas a winner on that day as well…but she was in a dress so not much good for a post about “abs”!(BTW – you have probably never HEARD of a coach who has nine different women winning at a major State Titles on the same day. I haven’t.)So what we’re looking at here is the cream of the cream of the crop. That “crop” is cropped right out of the photo (Comedy. Genius.) but they were there: 10-20 OTHER women, any of whom would probably look like the “most in-shape” woman at your gym.So, these people have obviously worked the smartest and the hardest, for the longest. Is that a safe assumption? Or AT LEAST as hard and smart as the other top competitors; those people who are serious as possible about being in perfect shape for comp day. That’s fair isn’t it?OK, so what ab training did the girls in bikinis do?ZERO.What ab training did the girls in the shorts and crops do?Maybe 3-6 sets, 3 x per week.Is that why we can see a difference?To a small extent, yes, but to a much LARGER extent, the sports models just dieted and got leaner for about 6 more weeks than the bikini and swimsuit competitors.Why does that matter?Because everyone has abs. They’re just covered by fat.AND THAT’S OK. IT’S NORMAL. IT’S HEALTHY.You only THINK you SHOULD “have abs” because you’ve been bombarded with fitness model imagery that is intended to be an example of something EXCEPTIONAL, something inspirational…NOT an example of what good health and performance looks like.So yes, you already have abs. You don’t need to train them.*You train muscles to get bigger.Do you want your waist to get bigger?*
That’s all you can achieve with training – bigger muscles.***Does anyone here look like they have thick midsections???No!Is that part of why they look so damn good?Yes!So, if you can train your various ab muscles to get bigger and stronger…and they’re under a layer of fat where you can’t SEE them…don’t expect to have ANY significant improvement in the look of your waist.If your waist is too big, then there’s one likely reason – too much body fat. For health and aesthetics, it’s a good idea to remove it.If your waist is NOT too big, then there’s no health benefit in making it leaner to see your abs.In fact it’s exactly the opposite: MOST WOMEN will be substantially LESS HEALTHY when they are so lean you can see their abs.These stunning creatures in the photo are no exception. Exceptions exist, but none of these 8 winners. You can ask them yourself if you like. I tagged them in the photo.(If you’re new to the group, this is all REAL. We don’t do that “here’s a photo of a nameless/world famous fitness model, and then have a theoretical conversation about bullshit diet/training ideas” thing that is common on the internet.)They will tell you my old saying is true, when you’re talking about getting THAT lean: “the worse you feel, the better you look.”So, if you’re out of shape and you need to get IN shape, then you need two things:

  • progressive overload resistance training
  • effective food portion control (to create an energy deficit)

That’s what all the ladies in the pictures did. And they just did it better than anyone else.But, if you’re IN GOOD SHAPE, and you want to see your abs then you need three things:

  • progressive overload resistance training
  • effective food portion control (to create an energy deficit)
  • a bloody good reason to *DO THAT TO YOURSELF

*Again, if you’ve been lead to believe that “having abs” is normal and reasonable, then that is the roadblock You’re going to DO normal and REASONABLE things…and then be frustrated that it didn’t work. Instead, you will have to be UNreasonably hungry for an UNreasonably long time.It can clearly be done.Almost anyone can achieve almost anything.But they’ve gotta decide if its even WORTH IT.There’s no need to get unhealthily lean just to “look good”.And the other thing is, this particular kind of “looking good” actually doesn’t! In a very peculiar situation like a competition onstage, it is the required ‘look’. Off stage, and without the pro hair tan and makeup, they all look like tired, malnourished, bony bags of gristle and veins.Again, don’t take MY word for it – ask ALL their boyfriends/husbands whether they prefer 19% body fat or 10% bodyfat…Y’all know that old joke about “never ask the hairdresser if you need a haircut?” right?Well, I’m the best hairdresser you’ve never heard of, and I’m telling you that you probably don’t need a haircut.It’s called ‘integrity’, and there’s a good chance you’ve never seen it before in anything related to fitness and getting in shape.

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