Starvation Mode, what is it and does it work?

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ANSWER – it doesn’t exist so it can’t work.

There we go, we cleared that one up pretty quickly eh? A new record perhaps!Check out this very confronting picture of some Australian Prisoners of War. What you’re looking at is the result of controlled starvation.

The Japanese were in full control of what these men could eat, for years (these guys were captured in Singapore Feb 1942 and are pictured here in Sep 1945 – oof!).By only allowing a low number of Calories per man per day, the soldiers’ bodies atrophied to the point that they could be sustained on the small amount of food they were given.


Weight loss is proof of an energy deficit, often called a ‘Calorie Deficit”.

Everyone living in a Calorie deficit loses body mass. That’s why ***every ***prisoner of war and ***every ***concentration camp victim and ***every ***anorexic has the same look: “skin and bones”.

In no case does some ***other ***adaptation occur to prevent the unpreventable weight loss.

It is an “energy in vs energy out” equation, so the only thing that can change the balance is a change in energy.

Salt, water, hormones and genetics have no energy value and will do nothing to slow down or change the rate of weight loss. You can move your body less and less to conserve energy, but eventually you will reach your Basal Metabolic Rate if you can really lie in bed 24 hours a day.

“Something” cannot be created out of “nothing”. Without more food, they cannot put on more weight.

The next stop for these guys (or for an anorexia patient) is death. There is no other magical solution to make them all plump and juicy again. No “starvation mode” comes along to make it “hard for them to lose weight”. No…they just die.

So, in the most extreme examples, which have tragically been demonstrated and repeated literally hundreds of millions of times (Thank you Socialism, Communism & Imperialism) there is no “starvation mode” that prevents weight loss at any point.

So chances are, “starvation mode” is not the reason you ***can ***lose the “first 5lb”, but can’t lose the “last 15lb”.

What DOES happen?

A metabolic adaptation happens!

Let’s say your total daily energy expenditure is 2,000Cal per day, at your current weight.

Let’s say you eat 1,800Cals every day and eventually lose 10% of your current weight.You then stop losing weight. Starvation mode has struck!

No…your body is just smaller now. It takes less energy to maintain it and it takes less energy to move it. So all day every day you require less energy.

In fact, you now require only 1,800Cals to maintain your new, 10% lighter body mass. So your “diet Calories” are now your “maintenance Calories”.

That’s it.

No. Really. That’s it.

Yes I KNOW that you are an exception because you’re actually eating 1,200Cals, which proves that it’s really “hormones” or the fact that you’re “not eating enough” (starvation mode) that is the problem.

But here’s the funny thing with that: You’re wrong. You’re NOT eating 1,200Cals per day, you just think that you are.

It’s a very common (and very arrogant) misconception: “I am 100% right, therefore the laws of physics are wrong. How dare you? You don’t know me! You don’t know what I eat!”

Yep, I got it. Also, I remain unmoved.


Let’s say I told you that I’ve been saving up $1,000 per week every week for the last year. I show you my savings account and it has $26,000.

You now have all the information you need to know that I actually only saved an average of $500 per week for the last year. You don’t have to know a damn thing else to know that much is true.

If you call me on it I could get offended: “You don’t know me! You don’t know how much I earn or my personal finances! My kids cost me a lot of money. I had to travel. You don’t know what kind of savings account I have! My wife was sick. I went to a different school than you! I absolutely know that I saved $1,000 every week – it’s very important to me. Are you calling me a liar? Are you saying I’m stupid?”

Was all of that noise annoying, irrelevant and made NO DIFFERENCE to the salient facts of the matter?

Yeah, well…that. Exactly that.

That’s exactly what it’s like talking to a person who refuses to accept the mathematical proof of a situation.

And throwing around all that smoke and mirrors gets us NO CLOSER to a successful outcome.

Only the truth sets us free. Even if it’s surprising and even if it’s opposite to what we originally believed.

Having actual knowledge and applying personal responsibility enables all of us to be in control of our body mass and body composition. And the more people who are empowered and not confused by concepts like “starvation mode”, the better!

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