Granite Coaching


Workouts and Meal Plans

that are based on your ‘training age’, weight, current fitness level and fitness goals, taking the guesswork out of your training.

Online Training with
Coach Deasy

via weekly live videos and Q&A sessions - your opportunity to ask me any questions and my opportunity to give you guidance and motivation throughout the program.

Their Own Team of

through lifetime access to our Facebook group with daily support, advice and motivation from Team Granite girls, who all push you towards achieving your dream transformation.

Team Granite
Training Singlet

to wear while you work out - snap a picture of you wearing it for the chance to be featured on our Instagram!


I am only looking to train women who are willing to put in the hard work

And, women who join must want to accomplish at list 1 of the following:

Rapid Results

every single Bikini Blitz girl has seen amazing results in just 8 weeks... provided they put the work in.

Look Stunning in Every Picture

you’ll get personal mentoring from professional models and photographers who’ll teach you how to look amazing in every picture, whether that be for a magazine shoot, or just for your personal Instagram (and once you get a lean bikini body, you’ll be in a lot more pictures).

A Proper Education

The Bikini Blitz is a whole lot more than just an online personal training program. You get an education on why you’re doing the things you’re doing and exactly how to go about doing them.

That last point is what makes training with me so special.

Far too many ‘fitness professionals’ give out cookie-cutter workout and diet plans for their trainees to blindly follow.

I don't do that

I teach the fundamentals of training

-proper form and proper technique for each relevant exercise.

I teach everything you'll need to know about macronutrients

- what they are, the role they play, and how much of each to eat (once you know this, you can dig in to your favourite foods without ever feeling guilty).

I teach the myths about transforming your body

never again fall victim to slimy marketers and snake-oil salesmen.

Across the full 10 weeks, you’ll be doing more than just training for a lean body.

You’ll be learning a life skill.

A comprehensive education in fitness to be used and applied long after completing the Bikini Blitz.

And that's why this program changes lives.

But don’t take my word for it.


Teagan came to me in decent shape.

But she has BIG goals.

She wanted to compete in Miss Universe Australia.

Not only that,

She also wanted to improve definition in her legs,

Look healthy but not too skinny,

And generally shed a few pounds.

She was also very clear that she did not want to look too muscular, like some of my bikini champs.

(Not a tall order, at all...)

This is Teagan, just a few days before competing in the Miss Universe Australia competition - she went on to be a finalist.

Teagan celebrating in Bali after her 8 week Bikini Body Blitz.

So, I put her through the Bikini Blitz in April 2018,

Using the ‘Granite Method’ to train her.

And 3 months later, she became a finalist in the Miss Universe Australia pageant.


10 years ago, Becylu was suffering from a bad eating disorder.

Struggling with her self-confidence.

She didn’t love her body,

And she didn’t love her life.

She came to me, frustrated after being ‘trained’ by two other coaches.

So, I took her under my wing and trained her using the ‘Granite Method’.

To be used and apply sapien. Mauris interdum

This is Becylu now, maintaining this physique year-round.

Six months later, she’d won her first bikini competition.

18 months later she won two bikini Overall Titles… ICN bikini Pro Card...

...and she was crowned Miss Bikini Brisbane in 2017.

Get Trained By Me, Coach Deasy, To Get You A Lean & Strong Physique In 10 Weeks For Just $299 (USD).

Spaces are limited and filling up fast - it's first come, first serve.


Consistently hitting my macros definitely saved me.

“Down over 12cms and 1.6kgs. Pretty impressed with my results as this challenge was difficult for me. I study during the day and work night shift, so finding the time to train AND the energy was rough!”

Here’s What Even More Women Have To Say About Andrew Deasy And The ‘Granite Method’:

Andrew's scientific
outstandig. He is truly best!''


Option 1


...and stay in the frustrating cycle of short-term fad diets and blowouts. Keep spending crazy money on personal trainers who don’t get results, and keep being unhappy with what you see in the mirror. Nothing will change.

Option 2

Join my online
Bikini Blitz program...

...and prove to yourself that with the right guidance, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

All you need is a gym, an internet connection, and a work ethic.

I’ll take care of the rest.


Even after years of being a successful bikini coach, I have yet to see one woman who doesn't get the results she's always wanted from my 8 week program.

So -

If you join my online Bikini Body Blitz and aren't happy with the results after the 8 weeks of training...


( Given that you actually do the thing i tell you to do)

That's how confident I am.

Remember - you can't lose money, but you can lose the chance to have a beautiful figure you can be truly proud of.

Get Trained By Me, Coach Deasy, To Get You A Lean & Strong Physique In 10 Weeks For Just $299 (USD).

Spaces are limited and filling up fast - it's first come, first serve.

Look, we all want to ‘think about’ things we’re unsure of.

But how long are you going to keep putting off your fitness goals?

Your dream body?

Your happiness?

This online training program is an investment.

Not only are you investing in a better physique,

You’re investing in more self-confidence,

A sense of accomplishment,

And the drive to achieve more of your own personal goals.

One Day, Or Day One. You Decide.

Get Trained By Me, Coach Deasy, To Get You A Lean & Strong Physique In 10 Weeks For Just $299 (USD).

Spaces are limited and filling up fast - it's first come, first serve.

P.S - if you are skimming the page and just wanted to see what the offer was...if you just give me 10 weeks, i will give you more confidence in a bikini and a lead body you can be proud of