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How many times have you heard about someone’s weight loss…and then they go radio silence AFTER their “success”?

How many times have you seen someone’s weight loss, followed by all that weight coming right back…perhaps “with interest”? *

    “I was crushing it on 1,200Cals, but I just could keep it up”

    “I lost a heap of weight doing keto, but my carb cravings weren’t worth it”

    “I lost some weight running 5k per day, by now my knees are shot and I had to stop”*

Has something like that even been YOU?

**Why does this keep happening? **

There’s a bunch of reasons, but some of the big problems AFTER a “diet” are actually because people were set up to fail BEFORE they started.

If all you have to choose from, is “a lifestyle that makes you fat and out of shape” vs. “a strict program that you cannot maintain”, then you are going to fail.

**Inevitably. **

You will fail.

It’s ONLY a matter of time.

It’s something you can’t maintain. If you want to know “how long it takes” and you ask “when does it end?”…then you already KNOW this is temporary.

If you NEED to drop 5/10/20/40% of your current body weight to look and feel your best, and to be closer to optimal health, then when should that happen?

**”LATER”? **


And should you be happy, healthy, looking and feeling good, comfortable and confident for just 2 weeks of the year before you rebound again…or 52 weeks of the year?

Is that even a choice?

That’s the choice you HAVE TO MAKE, if you are completely uneducated about macros; and you are a slave to whatever program or system, which is going to”work”…as long as you can keep it up.

Which you can’t.

**And that’s not your fault. **

***Because no-one else can either!!! ***

You know that right?!?!

There’s only a handful of people who actually CAN starve/clean-eat or whatever, **all **of the time. BTW, they have eating disorders. (And maybe a million YouTube subscribers?)

What we all NEED to do, is to realign our basic habits and worldview with a sustainable way to live, that doesn’t require drastic restrictive “dieting”.

If you’re asking “does the meal plan in the Blitz have…?” YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT and you have a massive opportunity right in front of you to finally break that cycle.

Again – I did a Google search for “healthy weight loss meal plan” and it returned 118,000,000 suggestions.

*If one hundred eighteen million meal plans can’t get people in shape…what impact do you think one more meal plan is going to have?

***Stop looking for the same answer, in the ***same place you didn’t find it the last 118,000,000 times!!! ***

Here’s Rachel’s smugness, from just 14 hours ago, after finding out that EVEN WITHOUT TRACKING MACROS and *WITHOUT *smashing the gym, she has lost a little bit more weight OVER THE HOLIDAY PERIOD…


**So…”BETTER than her best”, without brutal effort and restriction.

Does that sound like the EXACT OPPOSITE of the “starve and rebound” pattern that so many have done before?

When someone says “I’ve done programs like yours before, and they didn’t work” would you like to guess what goes through my head??? 😳

(In fact, comment your best guess below, to win a free Granite singlet 😏)

My actual answer, BTW, is “clearly you have NOT done anything like the Blitz, or you would not even be interested in trying another program…because you wouldn’t need it”.

Anyway, I’m super happy for Rachel, and all the clever kids who got in great shape before Christmas, and ALSO LEARNED how to maintain their results, with less effort. Congratulations!

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