Some quick thoughts and tips on diet from Coach Deasy.

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That actually describes Becylu in this photo, yesterday, on the left.

A nasty endometriosis flare-up knocked Becylu’s training into a hat a few weeks ago, which also interfered with her diet…and then we went on holiday.

For reference/comparison, here’s another photo of FOUR natural champions and pro’s I was coaching in January 2018, including Becylu, all in their offseason shape and at the peak of their powers.

And today, this is what Becylu looks like: phenomenal.


How much should go wrong in a few weeks of “wrong” macros and detraining?

What should we EXPECT to happen?

1. A slow loss of lean body mass.

2. A replacement-level gain of fat mass.

3. Maybe some more gain of fat mass, due to the excesses of the festival season?

In other words, after 2-3 weeks of NOT nailing macros and NOT training like a beast, she should not have gained 5kg+ of body fat.

For that to occur, she would have had to consume the 1,900 Cals each day she needs for maintenance…and eat an ADDITIONAL 1800-2800Cals EVERY DAY.

Why and how the hell should that happen?

It might have happened if BEFORE shit went sideways, Becylu was in a screaming crash-dive Calorie deficit “get in shape fast” diet.

Or it might have happened if Becylu had an obesogenic lifestyle to begin with.

In either case, when someone in those circumstances “takes the pressure off”, they very often consume astonishing amounts of unnecessary Calories…leading to explosive fat gain and making the whole “dieting” process pointless to begin with.

The way OUT is very reflective of the way IN. When someone noisily brags about losing 10lb in 2 weeks, we all EXPECT that she will quietly gain those 10lb right back again over the next two weeks.



Because if you don’t understand that that IS exactly what is going to happen, then you are primed and ready to get stuck in a yo-yo dieting cycle.

That’s a cycle that Becylu is NOT in.

Right now, she is subject to the same sorts of circumstances as the rest of us are…or have been…or will be one day: away from the gym on holiday or for work, injured and can’t train for a while, in a(nother) Rona lockdown, etc.

The state of her body NOW is not defined by the sub-optimal circumstances over the last 2-3 weeks…it’s defined by her actions over the last year…or last 5 years!

And that’s true for all of us. Awkward.

And her BEHAVIOUR over the last 2-3 weeks did not occur in a vacuum either. They’re the same habits as she has exhibited for the last year…or 5 years. Those habits rest on the same priorities, principles and beliefs as she has had for the last 5 years, too.

And that’s true for all of us. Awkward.

If you ARE stuck in a cycle of yo-yo dieting, or if you’ve never been in shape, or only been in shape for a DAY before descending into roiling anguish again, then what you are missing is Becylu’s UNDERLYING values, principles and priorities that inform and shape her HABITS.

No-one is achieving and maintaining anything good, permanently, through sheer force of will and discipline. It’s every day habits and consistency that determine the big picture.

Very much like “motivation”; the sheer will to overcome adversity is great to get you started and can help you temporarily move mountains…but it won’t cut it in the long haul.

Ultimately, for long-term success, you need to get your values and priorities in alignment with the outcomes you want.

If going to the gym and not relentlessly eating cake is a “punishment”…then you’re only going to punish yourself for so long aren’t you? How long can you keep that horrible situation going? How long did you last, the last time you “tried”?

This is why it takes so long for me to give you a meal plan (aka – a worthless list of foods) and a training plan (aka – just another collection of exercises).

My Blitz clients get FRUSTRATED by this; they get annoyed. They will again in January. That’s OK. 😂

They are conditioned to believe that results come from the “right” meal plan and the “right” training plan…even though my Google search yesterday returned 891,000,000 results for “healthy meal plan” and 46,700,000 results for “training plan”.

There’s NO SHORTAGE of “lists of exercises” and “lists of foods”!

And still 60-70% of us are overweight/obese. 🤷‍♂️

I need those Blitzers to SLOW DOWN and start working on the BIG PICTURE so they can permanently and properly address the issue.

The ones who “get it” are very frequently freed from a lifetime of frustration and failure.

Getting in much better shape over the first 8 weeks is good, but making it the first 8 weeks of the rest of your life is MUCH GOODER.

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