What are healthy diet goals and how to set them for yourself.

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There’s nothing INHERENTLY wrong with having a target body weight.

A pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat…about one pound. And that is relevant to…not much at all.

We are all made of the same stuff: bones organs muscle fat skin hair….”thick” is not a thing. You are not ALSO made of something called “thickness”.

If your weight hasn’t changed over a time period, then you have been eating the same amount of Calories you were burning in that time period. Moving your rest day won’t change that, changing micronutrients won’t change that. Adding a yoga class probably won’t change that.

“Starvation mode” is BARELY a thing, sorta, kinda, and can only slow down the rate of weight loss…you can NEVER ADD BODYWEIGHT (muscle/fat/bone density) WITHOUT A CALORIE SURPLUS.

Everyone should definitely lift heavy-ass weights.

“Heavy” is a relative term. Relative to the individual,  and the exercise performed, etc.

No, you can’t diagnose someone’s hormones by looking at their bodyfat distribution. Your naturopath can’t either.

No, can’t choose where you will lose fat from.

Losing the “last five pounds” is exactly the same process as the first five pounds.

No woman has abs at 180lb. The problem is not exercise selection, it’s BMI selection.

No your ab workout is NOT going to make your waist smaller, your stomach flatter*, or reduce your love handles. *unless you have a genuinely weak core and you are correcting that.

It’s WAY easier and WAY faster to lose a pound of fat than it is to gain a pound of muscle.

It’s WAY EASIER and WAY FASTER to eat 300Cal of chocolate than it is to burn an additional 300Cal.

No-one lifted weights and accidentally became a fitness model goddess or figure competitor beast. It takes intelligent dedicated HARD work for a few years.Being addicted to exercise is not the same as being disciplined and dedicated.

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