To Compete or Not?

Should you compete? How extreme is it really?

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“I would like to have a competition-ready body, but not compete” No, you wouldn’t, Susan!!!

I get that sort of enquiry from time to time.It sounds reasonable if:a) You don’t understand what an extreme goal that isandb) You don’t understand how UNCOMFORTABLE you need to be! There’s levels to everything.There’s exercising, there’s training…and then there’s training for competition.There’s eating well, there’s creating a Calorie deficit…and then there’s maintaining that Calorie deficit to a point well past when your body is screaming at you to stop!

The process of physique competition is definitely “disordered eating” and the utmost of training. If anyone could ACTUALLY go through that process, or maintain that momentum perpetually WITHOUT the goal and timeframe limitations of a comp…then they would be disordered, I think.I’ve never seen anyone ACTUALLY follow through with that.

The only people who NEED a comp-ready body are competitors. And they only NEED it on comp day. The rest of the time they, like everyone else, are better served training and eating for health, metabolism, strength etc.The tools of macro-tracking and weight training are SUPER USEFUL to everyone, but should be applied differently, in different contexts.And sensible goals should define that context.

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