Meet your bikini body blitz Coach:

Andrew (Coach) Deasy

Bodybuilder. Bikini Body Specialist. 41-year-old Boomer.

Hi, I’m Andrew.

Let’s get one thing straight. You’re not going to get some sob story from me about how I turned my life around with one magical pill or diet.

The truth is, I started out as a pilot. Then I studied law. Then I trained hard to be a bodybuilder. And now I’m a personal trainer for women because making a direct difference in the lives of women across the globe felt far more rewarding than any other career path.

For far too long, I watched PT’s online and in the gym feed women crazy diets and prescribe even crazier workouts. I felt the frustration of women who had been following these programs to a T and failing to see sustainable results.

I knew someone out there had to change something and it felt like I was the only one who was ready to take on the challenge.

Fast forward to this moment. You’re reading this wondering, “Why the heck should I trust you with my diet and training?”

Well… the answer lies in the results you get when you train with me for 10 weeks.

My approach is science-based, it’s straight forward, and it’s not restrictive at all (unless you’re eating ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner… we might need to make some changes there).

I’ve dedicated my life to teaching women the most effective and easiest ways to achieve their health and fitness goals and actually keep their results long-term.

Want to work with me?

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Say goodbye to quick fixes and dodgy diets and say hello to lifelong health and fitness success.

Granite Conditioning is unlike other online fitness coaching businesses. We’ve done our rounds in the industry and have braved some tough trends and awful fitness advice. We’ve been exposed to the worst of the worst, so we can bring you the BEST.

We use evidence-based methods that garner REAL, sustainable results. We don’t believe in shortcuts that backfire immediately. We want our clients to be taken through the same steps we took to achieve a sustainable health and fitness regime so they can feel healthy and confident in their bodies.

You can trust us to tell you how it is because we truly want you to succeed. Trust us, we don’t mess around.