What ab training do you really need?

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Here are two more Granite Girls who have been doing ZERO ab training.

The reason they look like this is because they have CAREFULLY dieted away all the body fat that normally covers the abs up.


Tracking macros and training like I taught them in the Blitz.

They are both MASSIVELY STRONG; deadlifting more than DOUBLE their body weight, hip thrusting nearly TRIPLE their own bodyweights and both have epic glutes, delts and backs.

They’re both teeny tiny in height, so their bodyweight, in this ridiculous, unsustainable and UNHEALTHY level of leanness is only 45 and 47kg (99 & 103.5lb). Add 5-10lb to each of them and they will be healthy again and obviously STILL looking sensational…even if the abs disappear.

A SENSIBLE goal is to look like these sorts of people do in the offseason: often 10% heavier.The “comp lean” body is just for comp – one day! It’s only #goals for THAT purpose. Don’t fall for any bullshit on Instagram of everyone being able to walk around with ripped abs 24/7 365. It’s not realistic and it’s certainly not healthy…but it’s a fun hobby/science experiment/sporting contest for the right people in the right circumstances.

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